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Nothing more important than a review....

"My collaboration with Olga proved to be an immensely pleasurable experience. The objective at hand was to breathe contemporary life into an aged Cypriot residence, imbuing it with a distinctive Californian ambiance. This envisioned transformation called for the incorporation of organic elements, a palette of natural, earthy hues, and textures that not only exuded aesthetic charm but also guaranteed comfort and durability suitable for a household with a child and a pet. Cyprus, however, lacks interior designers who adeptly harmonize modern design sensibilities with an attentive ear to the client's desires.

In Olga, I discovered an exceptional design visionary who not only met but exceeded my expectations. She demonstrated an exceptional ability not only to interpret my design aspirations but also to enhance them, offering fresh perspectives on how to perceive my dwelling. Olga meticulously scrutinized all the references I presented, subsequently presenting an array of possibilities that catered to the specific nuances of my home and budget. When confronted with instances where certain design solutions proved financially prohibitive, she resourcefully offered alternatives that were, if not superior, certainly on par with the original ideas.

What truly set Olga apart was her dedicated pursuit of top-tier vendors in the industry. Together, we unearthed remarkable gems in the market, ensuring that every component of the design was characterized by quality and uniqueness. The time, dedication, and unwavering creativity that Olga invested in my home have unquestionably borne fruit. The praise and admiration from my guests are a testament to the success of her efforts, and living in this transformed space has become a daily delight. Olga has not only helped me design a house but has crafted a genuine haven where elegance, comfort, and innovation harmoniously coexist."


Julia T. , Limassol , Mesa Geitonia


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