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          Meet Olga


Olga Toumanidou founder and owner of Inspired Living by Olga has created over 100 interior designs for residential and commercial properties in Greece and Cyprus for over 20 years.

Olga Toumanidou  is a passionate   qualified interior architect and landscape designer.
Olga makes sure that her customers  experience, while working with Inspired Living, is  both enjoyable and educational. Starting from space planning, Olga is well know for creating  improved living spaces .She works closely with her clients to understand their needs, and desires.  
The art is creating the desired feeling that each space transmit, that matches with the clients internal needs. The connection with the customer is build up  step by step. 3D designs are created to showcase the suggested new spaces and once the customer feels touched,
Olga proceeds to the execution. Her approach to interior design is distinctly a holistic one.  From the initial entry to the living spaces, color, lighting, geometry of furniture and the combination of textiles – it is her passion to ensure they are all interconnected with each significant 
detail with one vision, to develop a harmonious feel.
Apart from Olga Inspired living  consists of an experienced team of specialized technicians who, with the guidance of Olga Toumanidou, can stand alongside the largest interior & landscape design companies, realizing dreams in small and large projects!

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